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Over the past two years, the Product Design department from GSA has forged a fruitful and ongoing collaboration with NHS Ayr & Arran and NHS Lothian. This project, the fourth iteration, intends to build upon that relationship. As it is both a procedure and an experience and involves a wide range of interconnecting relationships, we aim to explore, gain insights and propose design opportunities concerning patient journeys involving before, during and after endoscopy procedures.



The project runs for 6 weeks, ending in january 2017 and will primarily involve a collaboration between the 3rd year product design students from the Glasgow School of Art and NHS staff from NHS Ayr & Arran and NHS Lothian.



Understanding of the terrain, constructing a critique and user journey map of the experience as it stands, outlining insights and then delivering a presentation of the findings.

Development of a clear understanding of other best practice and how these may be adopted, adapted and amplified to enhance the Endoscopy experience.

Definition, location and justification of short, medium and long-term design strategies and opportunities to resolve the issues identified.

Resolution, refinement and prototyping of preferable strategies and opportunities and a presentation of the outcomes and possible routes to enactment.