DEM Week 1


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REH Farmile Ward



Ward visits

We had our visits with the ward In two groups of four, they gave us a tour of the bedrooms, living areas and staff offices. We experienced what it would be like to be a dementia patient through a simulation. . Sat down with the doctor and observed what people would go through when being assessed, and how they reacted to the environment and questions asked by the doctor. Participating in an activities such as bread making and a musical session.

We also got a tour around the central courtyard and got a chance to experience the edible bed, full of different smells and tastes. In addition to being shown around the vast orchard surrounding the royal Edinburgh hospital.




Post-it city

We spent the day together, putting up post-it notes on the research we gathered. First approaching the journey of the patient, starting with the basic journey of the person while she is at the ward. We then approached it from a wider perspective, looking at the patients daily routine and what happens before (so that they need to be admitted into the ward) and what happens after they are discharged from the ward, i.e. what are their options.

WED 03/10


Mapping journeys

We began to concern ourselves with the environment of the ward and indicated friction points around the ward.

Key Insights

-  Developing user personas

-  Formulating user journeys



Mapping journeys, 2

Expanding on our basic user journey, we approached it from the perspectives of different stakeholders at different times, we identified the main stake holders and considered what they do at a certain point in the user journey. So that they can align among a single time line.



Week 1, done!

Moving around our post-it notes and

Key Insight

- Stakeholder map