DEM Week 2


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Farmille Ward





As the team continues to establish an understanding of the Dementia ward, we got back together and brought the journey’s and the data gathered in small groups into one timeline in order for us to understand what is going on and how peoples experience fit together, and considering moments of clash and distance.

Key Insight

- Pulling together an overwhelming amount of raw observational data into a coherent structure to communicate our observations visually.

- Building an understanding of how we work together as a team within a collaborative studio work space.




Opportunity developed opportunities based on our ‘what if’ points identified in our user journey map. We began to digitalizing all our data and identifying clear opportunities, our aim was to create and complete 6 opportunity cards, we noticed that our ‘what if’ opportunities all stemmed from certain themes that we looked into, namely from the environment, communication environment and awareness. All these themes had to be explored in detail and communicated in where it came from (research) and what can we imagine it to be turn into, exploring examples of concept paths. In order to achieve this, we divided our tasks between the members of the group.

Key Insight

-generating focus in certain areas of the ward that need attention




Time To Reflect

We got a chance to come together after the presentation to reflect on what we need to do to continue to go forward, and at this time it meant we needed to go back, use our general user journey and look at specific extreme user personas in which we can start to model our ideas under. ‘what would martha do…’

Key Insight

- Chance to consider a wider spectrum of personalities in the ward

- Time to read through and understand feedback from our presentation and conversations with the NHS staff

-going back in order to move forward



We continued to stay as a large group, as we needed to solidify our research and through that we can assist each other in reaching our defined concepts- through this we can then consider which concept we each want to separately explore

Key Insight

- the use of a larger group, in order to gain support and through collaborative efforts in order to push through defining our concepts.