Gatehouse Week 2


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The Gatehouse - Sexual Health Clinic




Start of Week 2

This week started with a review of last weeks insights. Due to having produced a good quantity of relevant information we have taken some decisions in terms of managing it, such as setting up a Dropbox folder and other means of organisation.

We have started producing an exhaustive identification and listing of insight points across the service.

Key Insights

- Insight point mapping




Moving forward

We had our second tutorial with Rachael Sleight this morning, where we got advice on how to  further distil our outcomes in order to convey them clearly for our presentation at the end of the week.

The majority of our time this afternoon was spent building on this feedback by further developing our persona narratives in order to touch on all the insight points whilst still sounding credible.

Key Insights

- Tutorial


WED 10/10


Planning Presentation

We have started compiling a slide show and printing content. This includes insight and opportunity cards for facilitating discussion after our presentation. Further journey narratives adjustments.

Key Insights

-  Presentation structure




Mapping journeys, 2

In the morning we had our first DHT lecture so we have gathered in the afternoon to finalise and wrap up the presentation content and structure the order of delivery.  

In the next weeks we plan on dedicating Thursdays to the DHT module so they will not be referenced.

Key Insights

- Presentation preparations




Week 2, done!

Presentations of all groups have taken place from 9.30 to 12.30 this morning. We had the pleasure of having Dr. Ruth Holman, from the NHS clinic, meeting with us in studio for feedback and even chance for a nice informal conversation. In hindsight we have realised that in an effort to deliver all the encountered insight points, we might have conveyed a negative portrait of the clinic services, which we were only aware of after delivery of the presentation. This has been a learning exercise for us and we want to ensure that future work and presentations will highlight the many positive areas of the service.

We then met with Ian Grout where he helped round up the opportunities to pursue next week.

We have also sent invitations to NHS staff for the website you are viewing now! The aim of this website is to provide all collaborators updates of our work in progress, while also displaying the process of how we achieve our set deliverables.

Once more, we would like to welcome you to this year’s iteration of

Key Insight

- Presentations to NHS staff

- Extended website access