Gatehouse Week 1


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The Gatehouse - Sexual Health Clinic




Clinic visits

After a series of preparatory workshops that introduced us to ethics and ethnography notions, we went for our first clinic visit. Our team of 8 was split in two and assigned different tasks, with one half being shown around the space and introduced to staff and processes, and the other half doing desk research focusing on the clinic’s website. Observations were made at the holistic drop-ins and notes on behaviour were collected both from the waiting room and a mock up interview.

On the second day the other half of the team further explored the facilities, collecting feedback from staff members. Further observations gathered from the Young Persons (under 18) drop-ins broadened our understanding of the clients.

Key Insights

- How Privacy plays a major role in the experience

- Gathering general new information about the services




Digesting Data

We went back to the studio, where we had our first tutorial after the on-site visits. After investigating the findings and producing a rough layout of the service on a post-it wall, we received orientations to follow. Although we were already identifying some design opportunities, we first had to make sense of all the gathered information. This will involve a process of translation over the next days that should produce service blueprints, user journeys and experience mappings helping us nail down an understanding of all the clinic’s processes.

Key Insights

- Making sense of what we gathered

- Formulating service blueprint


WED 03/10


Mapping journeys

We began to de-configure all the information by mapping user journeys. After producing a series of user personas consistent with the data and observations, we created a model. Using colour coding we tracked the physical journeys patients are taken on according to the service they require. This also gave us a general sense of the use of the space.
In addition we have defined consistency guidelines across the team.

Key Insights

-  Developing user personas

-  Formulating physical journeys




Mapping journeys, 2

We have finished construction of the model from yesterday. We have further added and organized the information that was displayed on the wall, and identified a couple of obvious friction points. We have also created a timeline to track the emotional journey users go through during the several stages of the services.

Key Insights

- Gained further insight into staff’s issues

-  Formulating emotional journeys




Week 1, done!

On the last day of week one we continued the same line of work from before, with the addition of a stakeholder map. At this point we feel confident to move on next week having clearly identified initial design opportunities. We have also shared access to this, our recently completed weekly blog!

Key Insight

- Stakeholders map