Gatehouse Week 3


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The Gatehouse - Sexual Health Clinic




Third Week already?

In the morning we had a visit from Product Design graduate Jade Richardson, an Innovation Consultant for Macmillan Cancer support. She gave a talk on her professional experiences as a designer in healthcare. It was great to have the chance to listen to someone with this background.

In the afternoon we created three subgroups: Test instructions, Waiting room and Website.

Key Insights

- Talk on designing for healthcare

- Team subdivision




Team roles

We had our third tutorial with Rachael Sleight where we were reassured on delegation of work roles within the subgroups. She gave us pointers to improve our next presentation.

We then conducted some research and discussed concepts in our subgroups before joining together to have a full group discussion where we shared and contributed to each other's ideas.

Key Insight

- Tutorial and role assignment





We have been working on all of the content produced to date in order to achieve a higher level of consistency in terms of visual identity and delivery.

The Test instruction team researched existing versions of other tests for comparison points.

The Waiting room team began researching recent design work around waiting rooms and healthcare experiences. We found that other clinics were designed with an emphasis on having a variety of seating options and clear sight lines to important information. We took inspiration from the quote “your waiting room is your first chance to tell your patients you care about them”.

The Website team began the process by researching other clinics websites from Scotland outwards. Some prize-winning references made a statement on simplicity and ease of access.

Key Insight

- Presentation restructuring




End of Week 3

Today, the Waiting room team used their research to explore as many solutions as possible. We then evaluated these ideas to find which will be most effective.

The Website team started to organise the structure of content by collecting all page information and completing a full sitemap.

The Test instructions team started to develop simple and clear instructions from scratch, to efficiently reduce the amount of text needed in order to consume them.

Key Insight

- Website remap; Test instructions illustrations; ideating the Waiting room experience