Gatehouse Week 4


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The Gatehouse - Sexual Health Clinic




Start of Week 4

The Waiting room team began digging deeper into the solutions that we came up with on Friday. After a bit more research and a few iterations, we started some computer modelling and physical prototypes.

The Website team tested iterations of hierarchy that could work better and discussed how to hide away some options on the main home page for simpler and quicker reading without losing important information. We have prototyped a user centred log-in system for navigation.

The Test instructions team explored the semantics of the test contents, playing with form, colour and texture to try to redesign the items to tell their own narrative and become more intuitive in comparison with the previous solutions.

Key Insights

- Room arrangement prototyping

- User focused website tryouts





Keeping in mind the brand identity, the Waiting room team explored cup sleeve, tea bag and sweet wrapper designs. We reviewed floor plans and possible layouts for the waiting room while putting an emphasis on clear sight lines to important information such as the reception desk and toilets.

The Website team explored ways to connect a user focused experience with an autonomous booking process, giving power to the user but also with an awareness of responsibility.

The Test team began designing the packaging and instructions as one. Alice created concise graphics which clearly instructed the user through the test process without needing text to describe the steps. Incorporating this into the packaging would allow the doctors to hand the entire kit to the user without the need for verbal instructions,resulting in the user having a more independent and dignified experience.

Key Insights

- Waiting room explorations

- Packaging redesign




Concept presentation

In the morning we had our second presentation, where every team showed the concepts they would take forward for development. We got valuable feedback from the NHS staff present.




End of Week 4!

We have wrapped up this week by discussing the strategy for the final presentation.

The Website team got access to the current data statistics for analysis, which told us the average visit time and devices used. We then looked into mood influence within chat approaches. Available chatbot tools and techniques used to make automated conversations feel more human to the user were considered. These included the use of emojis, typos and even using placebo design.

The Test instructions team looked into biodegradable plastics for both packaging and test tools, and possible injection moulded solutions.

The Waiting room team worked on refining and modifying concepts based on feedback received during presentation and critique. For example ensuring a consistent graphic identity was present across all designs.

Key Insight

-Chatbots; ecologic materials