Gatehouse Week 5


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The Gatehouse - Sexual Health Clinic




Final week

The Test instruction team used paper to create quick models so as to decide on the final form for the test packaging and instructions. In doing so we were able to physically interact with the models and further define the packaging to be intuitive to the user whilst using minimal material.

The website team stitched a narrative that could join the deliverables of all groups into a final video. After some discussion we have started storyboarding the journeys of two users.

Key Insights

- Further prototyping and storyboarding




Team roles

The Waiting room team finalised their designs and prepared files for printing . After printing, we began creating final versions of the physical prototypes of the sweets and tea cup sleeves. We also continued work on the 3D models and renders.

The Website team continued development of a mockup website in the Figma platform.

The Test instructions team produced a mockup of the toilet environment that we had designed so as to film a short user journey to show at the final presentation. Using colours from the palette designed within the group for both the wall design and packaging, we created an environment which would tie in with the waiting room and website. This created a sense of a brand identity throughout the projects

Key Insight

- Mockups further development





Today we are compiling our final version of the presentation for the concept proposal. Each concept will be delivered in the format of Opportunity > Research > Development and Outcome. We are introducing GIF animations which will show interactions better.

Wish us luck!




Final presentation!

And this is it!

This morning each team delivered their final presentation, from 9.50 to 13.00 with NHS staff at Novotel in Glasgow. It was great to have such positive feedback and see how the NHS was excited with the outcome of the last 5 weeks.

In the afternoon students and school staff  had a well deserved celebration, where everyone shared their experiences after this journey. We will also have time off to put this into perspective, reflect and also visit the hospital locations one last time to deliver the presentation to everyone that works there.

Everyone agreed that we put a lot into this project but it was equally rewarding to see the reactions of the NHS staff and to learn that our concepts may have the chance to be taken on further. We would like to give our honest thanks once again to Ian Grout, Rachael Sleight, Lorenz Herfurth and to the lovely and supportive doctors Ruth and Anja and the remaining NHS Staff for this great opportunity! We should also thank each other for working so effectively as a group. We began as colleges but have ended as friends.

Best wishes, Group 1