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Day 16

Struan and Catarina, the « welcome pack » group, collected the printed booklet. They were able then to work on the cover and the communication of the project.  Manuel realised the first prototype of the VR glasses, but this time in cardboard. Eilish defined the environment cards, to enable the medical students to locate themselves between the buildings and facilitate their meetings with some patients. Luke also tested his role play boardgame with a student, to have some insights about the rules and the format he was proposing.

Key Insights

- The environment cards can be aligned with the patient timetable

- The glossy pages worked well for information pages in the welcome pack - a different type of paper is required for the writing of notes

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Day 17

On Tuesday we all worked on the presentation. Our attention was focused on organising the different activities within the three days. We wanted to emphasise the potential of each activity by placing them in the most effective moment of the day. The welcome pack prototype was assembled for the presentation. Eilish produced the environment cards.

Key Insights

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 12.38.38.png



Day 18

On Wednesday morning we presented our work in front of several members of the NHS and the director of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. They seemed generally pleased by the presentation. Their main insights about our work were : 

  • to make sure that the person who will be in charge of the activity will agree and have the competences to do it. 

  • to figure out how the medical students could be even more implied into the functioning of the team work within the hospital.

  • to try to figure out why would the medical student choose psychiatry as a career. 

We had a tutorial with Ian afterwards, which helped us to define our objectives for the week to come.

Key Insights

- The presentation was very interesting because we were lucky to have a lot of feedbacks. We realised that we need to be conscious that the core curriculum is as important as the hidden one in the teaching experience, and that we should always keep the balance between the two.




Day 19

The day was split up between working on the NHS project and some theoretical courses. 

For the purpose of involving the arts within the 3-day course, Jess and Jeanne tried to reach out as many as art-based companies and schools as possible. The idea was to propose a future collaboration with the hospital. We also discussed all together to make sure our deliverable will fit with the deadlines.

Key Insights

- The majority of the opportunities are focused around the ‘3 day course’ period



Day 20

Key Insight

- Our main areas of focus will be on simulation, touch points and environment

- We need to focus on redesigning the 3 day course.

We need to create a detailed timeline of the current course and identify where touch points/simulations/environment are placed

Has to cover the curriculum in a more engaging way

Define the USP

May be useful to set up a dialogue with junior doctors