Week 1 RIE


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Alessandra Cislaghi


Here we start

Today our project began and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Our group was assigned to the endoscopy unit at Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, which 9 of us we’re able to visit, while the rest stayed at school to do some research and work on the website. Being able to see how the NHS works on a daily basis let us notice things that a patient wouldn’t- how the booking system works, what are the challenges involved, what goes on in the unit while the patient waits to be called in, etc. Can’t wait to find out more tomorrow!

Key Insight

- The NHS truly is run by the nurses.

- At least one patient a day doesn’t show up for their appointment.



Clarisse Chapal


RIE visit Day 2

We went back to the NHS to continue with our primary research today. In the first half of the day I was following and talking to porters. I met two porters Charlie and Tony. First, they showed me the spaces in which they worked. We then talked about what they do. I then followed them while they moved the patient from one room to another. In the second half of the day I was in the Day bed lounge. Here, I followed the fly on the wall method of observation.

Key Insight

After a long time hesitating about the fact of seeing or not seeing a procedure, I eventually attended one, and I have to say that it's less scary than what I thought and it was really interesting to see the different steps of the procedure in order to understand more what the patients were experiencing.


Alison Erridge


Back to GSA

Today we were reunited as a full group of 12, back in our more usual home of the GSA Haldane building. With so much information to process and share we set about creating a basic timeline of the process for the different "characters" in the endoscopy process, focusing mainly on the patient themselves, the nurses, the doctors and then the patient's family/friends. This was all spread out in true PD fashion on a grid using post it notes and coloured tape. By the end of the day we had the beginnings of our map, ready to be added to tomorrow!



Louis Grech


Joining the dots

After collating and revising all notes from yesterday’s conversation and initial timeline creation, we began to develop more intricate insights around a diverse range of ideas that include people such as the patient, nurse, doctors, co-workers and family. Through this we where able to develop and articulate key insights into the day to day workings inside specific spaces and scenarios in relation to the endoscopy ward at Royal Infirmary Edinburgh.



Euan Robertson


End of Week 1

Today marks the end of a very busy week of gathering and organising information. We began by talking through our insights on the wall and marking intriguing ones that have good potential. In the afternoon we presented 13 key insights to our tutors and were told we were on the right track. Knowing we had the right information, we split ourselves up into four groups, each looking at how best to communicate the information. We created a flowchart of patient experience, a patient journey contact map, a patient emotional journey map and a patient’s perspective floor plan of the unit.

Key Insight

Plan of attack - only helps if you follow them! Talking through insights as a group, helps make sure everyone is on the same page. Delegating tasks helps things move along quicker.