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Aleksandra Kaleta-Pyrek


So It Begins

Our first day we spent in the hospital and in the studio. We got an experience of a patient journey  from the arrival to the discharge room. Our group, consisted of 13 people, we were separated into pairs. Some of us were watching procedures when others were interviewing staff and patients. Three people stayed back in the studio, doing online research, website and preparing the space for our information which we had gathered  from the hospital.

Key Insight

- Gathering general new information about the endoscopy unit.

- Gathering the experience of the patient journey.



Erlend Prendergast


Hospital, day 2

On our second day within the hospital we gathered observations and gained further insight into how the endoscopy unit operates. Those of us who watched procedures on the first day switched places with those who hadn’t, which allowed everyone in the group to have similar experiences in the ward. We were able to fill in the gaps that we had missed the previous day, and concentrate more on the details. A few team members stayed back in the studio, gathering desk research and a creating a framework which we could use to structure the data and observations from the hospitals.

Key Insight

- Gained further insight into the different procedures carried out in endoscopy

- Followed patients throughout their journey in the hospital

-Created a framework in the studio for an in-depth patient journey timeline



Jennifer O'Rourke


Journey Mapping

We began to de-configure all the information gathered over the past couple of days from within the hospital by mapping out the journey the patients are taken on. Through mapping our findings directly onto the wall, with post-it notes, it allowed us to see any areas of further possible discovery. By using post-it notes our findings could be moved around as we began to make sense of what was seen; piecing together our individual and collective experiences within the hospital. We also began to colour code our findings into observations, feelings and the overall journey. The use of photos and a floor plan allowed us to present the environmental journey you are generally taken on as a patient. This will further allow us to extend from this initial laying out of the user journey.

Key Insight

- Making sense of what we gathered.

- Formulating the journey.



João Coutinho


Journey Mapping Part 2

The day's work was still based on the map we started building yesterday. Unlike before, we discussed in smaller rotating groups, since Thursdays are FoCI days and we're divided into different schedules and tasks outside this project. We further organized the information that was distilled into the wall yesterday, so that a structured reading of the patient journey became possible not only horizontally (time), but also vertically (content: involved staff; action; observations; emotions). Apart from this, we also created a simplified version of the same journey map for the group to use as a quick guiding reference point.

Key Insight

- Continued structuring the information gathered at Crosshouse Hospital.

- Continued trying to reach a clear yet extensive comprehension of the Endoscopy Unit’s operation.



Johan Andersson


Week 1, done!

Our first week of the project was summarised with continued efforts in the studio to try and get all of our insights, observations and impressions into our patient journey. At this point we could start to identify specific challenges and possible opportunities within journey map. This will help us to move forward next week when the final patient journey map will be put together and we will be able to adapt it based on some of our more interesting findings and ad our possible opportunities.

Key Insight

- The aspect of experienced control for the patient during the process.