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Awanee Joshi


Back to scrubs

We went back to the NHS to continue with our primary research today. In the first half of the day I was following and talking to porters. I met two porters Charlie and Tony. First, they showed me the spaces in which they worked. We then talked about what they do. I then followed them while they moved the patient from one room to another. In the second half of the day I was in the Day bed lounge. Here, I followed the fly on the wall method of observation.

Key Insight

- Gained further insight into the different procedures carried out in endoscopy.

- Followed patients throughout their journey in the hospital.

- Created a framework in the studio for an in-depth patient journey timeline.




Charlotte Smith


Lift Off

The first two days involved members of the team being scattered throughout the endoscopy unit at the Western General Hospital, whilst the remaining members undertook desk research in the studio. Upon re-grouping, we discussed our findings and set about creating a timeline of the endoscopy journey. This enabled us to assess and evaluate not only the process, but also the methods that were used to gather the information (e.g. patient follow, shadowing). The aim of this exercise was to generate a clear and informed timeline, which could then be compared with similar data from other hospitals..

Key Insight

- Understanding the role each physical space has to play in the patients experience of the endoscopy process.

- Dissecting the emotions, thoughts and feelings that are evoked throughout the process..





Lisa Kalt


Visualise Data

While yesterday was about exchanging our insights and creating a big master timeline to accommodate all our finds, today was about visualising in more detail. Some of us created floor plans to show movements and interaction of patients and staff with the space and with each other. Others made sense of user journeys creating a graph with emotions and timestamps.

Key Insight

- Because we managed to get everyone on a similar level of information the day before, we were able to split tasks and work in smaller groups, covering most of the workload set for the week.

- Having a wall of information allowed us to work efficiently even though not everyone could be in at the same time (due to elective lectures)