Week 10


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Last Week

So we began our last week of the project. Almost 10 weeks of working together, and it was finally coming to an end. We went into the week feeling anxious about our final delivery, but feeling good about the work we had done. For all of us, it was some of the best work we’d produced, the only thing left to do now was to put it together and deliver it to the NHS and our other contributors. The toolkit had come together nicely and we had been working on a design recommendations document that was now almost complete. We had a lengthy document typed up analysing the original chemotherapy booklet and lessons that can be learned from it.

Since our focus for the outcome became a toolkit we moved away from the idea of redesigning the chemotherapy booklet. However, we felt like putting together a small redesign of the original booklet would be a good example of the type of brand identity as well as showing how supporting material could work alongside the toolkit. Although this was a last minute decision, the redesigned booklet ended up being one of the most successful and well received outcomes for the project.





At this stage, our patient toolkit was complete. We now had to print the toolkit, the design directions and recommendations and the redesign of the chemotherapy. Up until this point we had done most of the printing and binding ourselves, but for our final deliverables we wanted to get the printing done professionally. We sourced a respectable printers, for a decent price, but decided to do the binding work ourselves to save time and costs. The results turned out far better than we expected and our deliverables feel complete and very professional. Definitely a moment of pride for us.





Much of today was spent doing some final printing of materials to show during the final presentation the following day. We had to get our patients timelines printed out full scale to give the best clarity, they ended up being a meter tall each. We put together our presentation and delegated a section for each intern to speak about. The presentation was to be our most lengthy yet, there would be people there who hadn’t seen any of the project up until this point, so it was important to cover the whole process from beginning to end.





Today we presented everything we put together over the course of the project. There was good representation from across the NHS, and from the Glasgow School of Art, many of whom were key collaborators for the project. We gave a presentation outlining our process we used for research, our insights, and how we got to our final outcomes. Following the presentation there was an opportunity to discuss the project with everyone involved before heading off to the pub for a well earned beverage.

Friday and beyond



Following the final day of the presentation we had a successful meeting with Macmillan Cancer Research the following week, who expressed a great interest in our patient toolkit as well as the redesigned chemotherapy booklet. We also took a number of days out in September to finalise the website and upload all of our delivers to allow people to view and download them at their leisure.