Week 2


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Field Preparation

Along with our continued website development and critique write-up, our week began with preparation for our initial on-site visits. It is vitally important to the design process that we witness the use of the book in context. Therefore, the majority of our time was spent creating a schedule of what we wished to observe within both hospitals.  



Lothian Visit

Our first on-site visit was spent speaking with Lothian's clinical service manager. Here we learned about an introductory session held with patients before they begin treatment. In this session they are presented with a video heavily influenced by the booklet. We have been granted the opportunity to sit in during one of these sessions and are looking forward to witnessing how the use of the video contrasts in communicating the booklet's information.






Crosshouse Visit

Crosshouse hospital of NHS Ayrshire and Arran was next on the agenda, we met with a consultant respiratory and general physician and discussed our goals for the project and what we hoped to see today. Following this we were able to set up a temporary office near to the Chemotherapy ward, there we were able to get an interview with Aileen Roy, a colorectal nurse at the hospital, which gave some great insights into the way staff communicate with patients.

We split into two teams, with one group interviewing staff and the other interviewing patients in the chemotherapy ward. We able to interview two patients undergoing chemotherapy, while the second group interview, a Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist nurse with Macmillan.

In the afternoon we had an hour long group discussion between ourselves, two patients, and two people who had come with them to support them as they receive their treatment. This was an extremely valuable session that gave us a lot of great insights around treatment, information and plenty on communication. Having patients discuss in a group setting proved to be an excellent way to facilitate discussions, and we learned about aspects of dealing with chemotherapy that we wouldn’t have thought to consider.




A Call From London

While contacting various collaborators during our first week of the project, we were able to schedule a phone call with the publishing editor of Macmillan Cancer Support. During this call, we were granted permission to utilise Macmillan's material within our concept, a tremendous asset to acquire. The remainder of the day was spent transcribing interviews gathered from our visits, highlighting pertinent quotes and forming user personas from them.




Websites and URLs

Today we launched the website you are viewing now! The aim of this website is to provide all collaborators updates of our work in progress, while also displaying the process of how we achieve our set deliverables.

Welcome to designinghealthcare.co.uk