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Presentation Plan

At the start of the second week we started planning our presentation and trying different methods of presenting it. Tasks where devided between team members, with each of us focusing on a different area (e.g. drafting the blueprint, creating pictograms, outlining opportunities/insights, process update on blog, making infographic from the additional data). In order to have a concise outcome, we decided to establish a visual identity (colour palette, fonts, visual hierarchy).

CAMHS User Journey1.jpg

TUE 09/10


Presentation Development

The rest of the week we developed and refined our user journey and stakeholders map, making sure that we didn’t overcomplicate our data, while not leaving any important information out of the presentation

On Wednesday we had a meeting with our tutor, who really helped us structure our presentation, and organize our thoughts. Our main goal was to make sure that the presentation is:

  • Understandable

  • Thorough

  • Highly Visual

  • Not over-complicated

stakeholder map group green cream.jpg

WED 10/10




Finishing details

Most of Wednesday and Thursday we spent finishing our individual tasks and bringing them all together in one platform for our presentation. In order to have a concise visual identity we shared our work on a cloud service and edited them collectively.

On Thursday evening, when all tasks where finished, we started constructing the final presentation. Having spent time on the planning of the presentation allowed us to have a common view regarding the structure/layout of the presentation, however we still spent time scanning each others slides in order to make sure there were no mistakes or things left out.

Artboard 1 copia 3-100.jpg



Presentation Done!

On Friday we presented our progress to the NHS. For more info reffer to the deliverables page.