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Alex Lister



As the team continues to establish an understanding of the 'Endoscopy Experience' we split into small work groups toward developing a printed User Journey Map. We broke down into 'Illustration', 'Opportunities' and 'Map Structure' allowing us to focus on achieving specific work separately; coming together at the end of the day to get the map primed for print tomorrow. We concentrated on defining 10 initial open opportunities from our insights that will open a conversation with the NHS Staff in our Wednesday meeting.

Key Insight

- Pulling together an overwhelming amount of raw observational data into a coherent structure to communicate our observations visually.

- Building an understanding of how we work together as a team within a collaborative studio work space.



Jana Maiworm


Opportunity cards

We started the day with finishing and merging all Information we had into the Experience journey, so that we could print it later. Throughout the day we we split up into teams again and discussed all the opportunities we had so far and developed the opportunity cards based on the specific information. One part of our team also focused on creating the presentation for tomorrow.

Key Insight

- We noticed that many opportunities can be merge together 



Morrighan Humpleby


Time To Reflect

Due to lectures on Thursdays, we’re all on different schedules, making it tough to all be in studio together. So we decided to take Thursday as a chance to work on our theory studies, but also a opportunity to gather our thoughts and have time to reflect on yesterday's presentation. We also began to determine what route of opportunities we were personally interested in exploring. This gave us the chance to come in on Friday, with fresh thoughts, ready to divided off into smaller groups, focused on common interest.

Key Insight

- Chance to consider our own personal interest

- Time to read through and understand feedback from our presentation and conversations with the NHS staff



Roza Baban



Based on the opportunity cards we had, we tried to see them as different themes to get a more clear idea of what might be interesting to work with and how many smaller groups we should split in to within our group. We ended up with three themes/groups focusing on different parts of the overall journey and experience of endoscopy. We ended the day with a meeting with the whole class where we shared our thoughts and headlines of the different groups that was created during the day. We realised that the idea of cross-working and helping each other is going to be valuable and useful for us.

Key Insight

- The benefits of working in smaller groups where sharing and learning from each other can lead to new opportunities and approaches.