Week 2 RIE


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Mapping the content 

Catching up from Friday. The team prepared and laid out three different maps, a flowchart of the patient’s journey, a coloured coated patient-staff interaction map and an emotional roller coaster graph. The combination of these representations helped us visualise the patient’s journey,from the day of the first check up at the GP till their return back home after the procedure. Very useful was the discussion with one of our tutors on how we could use and merge all these information and create a streamlined timeline of the patient's journey. We got our selves into teams and started working on potential design opportunities.

Key Insight

I found interesting how the environment can influence the patient's psychology and define their feelings.



Himadri Patel



The day started with combining all the three different maps to a collective map. This gave us better idea about the system and helped connect insights to the map. In team of two, each team started to work on the potential areas such as communication, environment, home preparation, etc. As the day proceeded, we developed the opportunities cards from the derived insights. The long day came to end with discussion on opportunities and preparing for tomorrow's presentation with NHS.

Key Insight

I noticed that most opportunities were patient centred.



Monika Kantor



Today was an exciting day because we had our first presentation for the NHS. The first thing in the morning was about preparing the studio to welcome our guests. Our work displayed on the walls had to become more clear for them to read and understand. We tried to do the same while presenting our opportunities. It seemed like it worked, as we were able to have a valuable conversation with the NHS staff afterwards. At the end of the day, we selected 4 opportunities and we decided to work in smaller groups in order to deliver design concepts.

Key Insight

Some of our opportunity cards related one to another, so we decided to put them together in 4 general groups. We also noticed that there were common opportunities occurring in the presentation of the West General Hospital group. By the end of the week, we need to decide which group will focus on what opportunity.



Veronica De Toni


Meditation day

We took a day off after the presentation to reflect about the opportunities. It was a tough job and also an intense week but our group is happy with the results. In this day everyone has the task to rest the mind and to reflect on the opportunities that will be defined precisely on Friday.

Key Insight

Taking a break and releasing my mind, I have been able to understand more clearly what are the opportunities that I find most interesting and to see everything from another point of view.



Sean Dunipace


What direction?

Today marks the last day of week 2 and our group was keen to secure the possible directions we could take the project. By dividing into 4 quarters it allowed us to expand on the opportunities we proposed at our presentation on Wednesday. We arrived at more specific themes: 'Changing the waiting room to living room', 'Patient as a human, not on an assembly line', 'Reducing anxiety before & after procedure' and ' Access to medical jargon'. The class came together as a whole which meant we could ensure that a range of different directions could be exhausted.

Key Insight

There is some overlapping between each group's design opportunities which has created a good link between the 3 hospitals involved, allowing more cross-group communication.