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Charlie Painter


Patient Journey

Today we collated our findings from our individual patient journeys and combined them in to one graphic. The aim was to enable cross comparison and look for the moments in the journey that cause the strongest emotional reaction from patients. Whether that be positive or negative, and find the opportunities that these moments present.

Key Insight

- This enabled us to see opportunities more clearly, as we could see which issues affect patients the most..

- It also allowed us to see moments of relief during the procedure, such as being reassured my staff. Whilst these are already positive moments, there could be an opportunity to enrich them, or to bring that feeling of reassurance to other parts of the journey.




Sophia Klinck


The day before

As a group, we continue to identify key insights from our experiences at the hospital and form additional opportunities within them. We then looked at refining our collective existing opportunities as it was felt that some could be combined into a more complex opportunity proposal. In order to move forward and prepare for our presentation tomorrow (Weds 22/11) a few members of the team began to digitally transcribe and visualise the data accumulated from the previous week into one collective point of reference.

Key Insight

- Just like the healthcare system we have the individual's best interest at heart. 

- Happy staff = Happy graph.





Carolina Duarte


Presentation Day

Today we had the opportunity to share our progress with the nhs members and receive constructive feedback. We also had a meeting with Chris, which made us realize certain priorities that we must respect. After this, it was easier to review the opportunity cards and formalize hierarchies. At this point, we realize that transparency, reassurance, and consistency are very important terms for the continuation and development of this project.




Hillevi Hesseldahl


4 Groups

After putting many hours into finding seven opportunities regarding endoscopies we wanted to bring them further, we were now able to condense them into four this friday morning, creating four groups out of our tem. The headlines for these groups are for now Patient responsibility, Emotions in spaces, Narrative and Reassurance. After having a big meeting within the whole class, the idea of cross-working and helping out each other seems to be useful and fun.

Key Insight

- Overlapping themes or focus areas within different working groups in the class might not be an issue, but rather a great opportunity for deeper insights.

- Zooming in and out on the subject of interest might be a good way to move on further with the project.