Week 3


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Transcripts and Personas

After Stephen had finished transcribing the, impressively long, 7000-word group discussion, we advanced to forming our user personas. Referring to the completed interviews with patients, staff and carers, we have produced an initial 4 personas to become the subjects of our future iterations. We are, however, aware that these are first drafts of our findings and may require further work in the future. 




A Rough Journey

Today focussed on creating a rough user timeline which follows a patient's journey through treatment. Within this, we hoped to include the following: who the patient comes into contact with, what support is provided and in what form, what the process is if they are/are not successful and, most importantly, their representation of their emotional state.




Summation Station

An overhaul of website design has taken place today. Our weekly summary page has been updated to provide further detail of our work process, while the - now completed - brief page clearly states what is to be achieved during the following weeks.




Origin Story

Today Daniel and Stephen returned to Lothian to sit in as part of an introductory chemotherapy session, held within the on-site Maggie's centre. This was followed by an insightful conversation with the original contributor of the existing document. Here, we spoke about booklet's intentions and how it could potentially be improved.




Let’s Do the Timeline Again

To complete our third week, whilst Daniel and Stephen carried began to transcribe their findings from their visit to Edinburgh, Johnathan focussed on refining the user journey and presented it in the form of an infographic. This user journey will be presented during our first review of the project, along with user personas and insight and opportunity cards.