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Analysing opportunities

On Monday, after the first presentation to NHS had taken place, we were called to pick 2-3 opportunities from the insight cards, and dive in deeper in order to define them better, assess their potential, and eventually split into sub-groups to address them. The two opportunities we outlined where ‘Support while waiting’, and ‘Let’s not make it a CAMHS issue’ which we combined with ‘Clarifying CAMHS responsibilities’.

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WED 17/10


Forming Sub-groups

On Wednesday we had a meeting with our tutor, and were asked to form the final sub-groups in order to start working on the concept ideation for each opportunity. Our group was split in two 4-person sub-groups, and started working.


THU 18/10


FRI 19/10


Initial Concepts & Further Research

On Thursday and Friday, with the sub-groups now formed, we started doing a more focused and in-depth research on our respective topics, trying to establish what other services out there address similar issues with the ones we are examining, and conducting field research to understand the existing market and borrow inspiration from it.

In order to have a focused approach towards the opportunities we chose, we also re-determined the stakeholders that are present, and specified the age/gender of our user.