Week 5 CAMHS

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The week started with an intense day of work. Concepts were brought to a more tangible stage. 3D models and first drafts of the waiting toolkit were made. Posters and workshop instructions were created.


TUE 30/10


Peer Review

On Tuesday we had our final tutorial. In order to prepare the team for the final steps, both teams presented the projects one to the other. This allowed us to act as a work committee. After sharing our opinions on the work that had been done so far and the work that still had to be done, we started creating final prototypes.


WED 31/10


THU 1/11


Concept Presentation

We spent Wednesday and Thursday working in the studio for hours and hours, trying to achieve the best outcome possible. Exporting, printing, molding, cutting, refining. By working in groups we were able to share opinions and comments all the time, in order to make everything perfect. Each group defined a more precise graphic identity, which was then applied for the different parts of the presentation.




Presentation Done!

Friday was FINAL presentation day. The presentation was made at Novotel in Glasgow City Centre. We were able to show all our efforts in one, single presentation. This led to a detailed feedback from the NHS, which thankfully was primarily positive. Additional feedback was given by the tutors as well, who had a much deeper insight on the proccess we went throught before delivering our final proposal, and therefore the feedback was much more focused and directed.

All in all, the end of the project gave us the chance to finally relax and appreciate the fruits of our effort over the past 6 weeks. And thank the department and the NHS for this chance.