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Sakura Ito



We divided into 3 groups and started to think about more specific opportunity. Our theme are:
1.How can we empower the patient in their own health care? 2.How can we build trust between patient and staff?
3.How can we improve the start of the journey?
My group is 3rd one and we began to look through all documents. Based on previous document research, which our teammate did, we tried to gain more insight. Other groups also tried to develop their understanding by reconsidering the time line and watching endoscopy movies.

Key Insight

- Reconsidering the journey according to specific opportunities



Sára Sáfrány


Opportunity cards

We worked in 3 subgroups, focusing on different aspects.

The first group’s main aspect is the patient empowerment. They focused on desk research, analysed other healthcare models and defined the meaning of empowerment.

The second group is looking at trust and control between the staff and patient. They spent this day with building a journey of emotions and used metaphors and visualisation to find opportunities.

The third group' theme is the beginning of the journey. We worked on all the files the patient can come across and analysed from different aspects such as clarity, info, and time spent on them.

Key Insight

- Specified research

- Further analysing on specific parts



Sofia Lacasa


Finding Insights

At the group focused on info-packs we ruled out the things that the paper information lacked and discovered opportunities to solve it. This information was organised into visuals. 

At ‘’trust’’ group we developed questions for our research about waiting and ‘’systems of trust”. We found ideas for the topics doing brainstorming and wrote them down. 

At the “empowerment” team we decided to compare the existing patient journey with that flying companies, that have a similar one in preparation and time length. We also imagined how would the NHS provide flying services to find the strengths and weaknesses of the system

Key Insight

- Creating Visuals

- Research and comparing other Companies



Erlend  Prendergast



In order to further understand our theme of patient empowerment, we looked into alternative user journeys outside of healthcare which give their users greater responsibility. This allowed us to think more about the tools we could implement within our patient journey. After doing this we had a number of concept ideas which we could bring to the board. We transferred these ideas to the map and thought about how they could work within the hospital context.

Key Insight

- Looked at different way to empower the patient

- Generated new concepts