Week 3 RIE


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Zahra Merchant


Start of Week 3

We began the morning by refining our multiple design opportunities within the "endoscopy sector" in RIE. As the day progressed, we started to pick moments within these opportunities and design concepts around them in our sub-groups. However after lunch we met as a whole and had a feedback session with the tutors, explaining our initial ideas and concepts and were advised how we can go further with them.

Key Insight

- Refined design opportunities and moments

- Initial raw ideas of design concepts.



David Martens



Since we started to understand the complexity of the endoscopy unit and managed to map different structures and data, we could identify the most fascinating and meaningful opportunities. In our mini-teams, the next phase was to open up our scope again and explore what makes these opportunities exciting. The short research-sprint we are doing now, will help us develop solid concepts tomorrow. As a part of that, we made a collective plan to send a few students for further, more targeted observations in the hospital.

Key Insight

Even though every mini-team currently has their personal process, maintaining a well-oiled communication-line across the groups is important.



Alessandra Cislaghi


Hi Grahame!

So today we had a pleasant visit from one of our Royal Infirmary contacts, Grahame, who spent with us the whole afternoon and helped us understanding better what the NHS is looking for in our concepts. We began the meeting by presenting him the small groups and which themes we were working on and then went into the details of the concepts of each group. Grahame’s visit was extremely valuable as it also gave us the opportunity to arrange a third visit to the hospital and new insights into the NHS structure.

Key Insight

He confirmed what we had already supposed: the NHS communication platforms and its organisation vary incredibly from city to city, or even city areas.



Clarisse Chapal



Today we started to have a more precise idea of our concepts. Indeed, after the meeting with Grahame yesterday, we selected the few general areas in which we are really interested. In this way we were able to do more research about those particular areas to help us to develop strong concepts.

Key Insight

All of our general concepts selected seem really interesting and we are really excited by the idea of pushing them forward!



Alison Erridge


Punch 1st day of the month

As December starts and the festive season creeps in, the studio atmosphere is becoming more intense. Today we had further tutorials in our sub-groups where we discussed our various concept ideas; these have become more solid since our last meeting so it was useful to get some feedback on our directions. We also had two visitors from the NHS, it was exciting to speak to them about our ideas and get some fresh input from people who haven’t seen the project before. We’re starting to get to the fun bit now as our ideas begin to come into fruition!

Key Insight

Ordering our information and ideas on the table made it much easier to see where we were and where we could go A bit of studio yoga helps keep the energy up! (although it is much harder work than it looks…)