Week 4


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A Great Opportunity

Today, we began to collate our research gathered to present as part of our first project review. During this time, we re-analysed our insight cards to define what we feel are key design opportunities. These were then refined and presented along with our user journey and personas ready for tomorrow! 

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Part 1 Review

After three weeks of gathering research, we presented our initial findings to our collaborators and a patient too, who kindly took their time to attend. During the review, we discussed the project's current progression and how, using our identified opportunities, wish to advance into the ideation stage. We received great feedback during this session and, other than a couple of minor adjustments, are confident with the work produced.  




Following our presentation yesterday, we decided to make slight adjustments to our work, specifically the user personas. We realised that we were communicating important information about who we had spoken to verbally rather than having the included on the cards themselves. We, therefore, spent today deciding on new templates for these personas to enable them to become stronger communicative tools.




Extreme Users

Further work was carried out on the user personas as we widened our demographic of patients represented within our research. During this, we came to the realisation we lacked personas who experience disabilities. Therefore, we lacked key insights which would inform the project's content and overall accessibility. From this, we were able to make contact with a charge nurse, whose patients have learning disabilities, and have scheduled a meeting to gain this information next week.   




Persona, Persona, Persona

With our new persona templates established, today was spent creating our new, diverse, group of users. Created of a number of patients, carers, and staff, our new personas reflect a number of different experiences through their own journey. Notably, we found the relationships between these different users was something to highlight and how they communicate to one another. This is something that will be taken into consideration as the project progresses.