Week 4 Crosshouse


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Jennifer O'Rourke


Preparation for presentation

Today our small groups were all working on preparing the presentations for the following day. This required a lot of pulling together of the work we have produced since the last week to show what stage and direction we are going in within are smaller sub groups.

Key Insight

- Worked well as a group even with pressure.

- Atmosphere in the studio was positive

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João Coutinho


Presentation Day

Today we presented our preliminary ideas and how we think we’ll develop them into final projects to the various NHS staff and tutors. In the morning, each sub-group from the three different hospitals showed what they had been working on in the format they thought made more sense for what they had to communicate, which was followed by short feedback conversations. After lunch, the sub-groups discussed the comments they had received while some of the NHS staff members and the tutors walked around the room discussing details in more depth.

Key Insight

- Feedback was interesting and useful for continuing to develop our ideas.


Johan Andersson


Love & Hate

Today we in the second team in our larger Crosshouse group worked intensively with bringing our overarching idea of trying to use the "spirit" of the Crosshouse Endoscopy unit into a tangible concept. We took the feedback after our presentations yesterday into consideration and used that in order to move forward. As an exercise in design process, we used a method called "Love and Hate". Through this we generated a large number of ideas and were also able decide on an idea to now develop further!

Key Insight

- The importance of trying different methods in a design process!