Week 4 RIE


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Louis Grech


Concept Day

The Four Groups worked rather independently this morning. This afternoon into the evening we began to plan and prepare the presentations of our concepts for critique tomorrow morning. This involved planning gathering materials finalising finer details within our own concepts such as visual queues, and the systems in which they belong.

Key Insight

Finding a cohesive nature in which the combination of concepts help drive the overall quality and greater understanding of the endoscopy procedure and how we can improve it!




Euan Robertson




Second Presentation

Today we presented to the NHS in our studios, surrounded by all of our work. The presentation was a walking tour of everything we have been working on until this point. After each subgroup had presented their ideas, we were given insightful feedback, by the NHS, that will help us with final development. After all the presentations, the NHS staff from each hospital discussed our ideas in more detail, answering more specific questions. The feedback from the session helped us focus our priorities. Now able to fully envision our ideas for the final presentation in the coming week.



Tony Charalambous


Back to the battlefield

A really early start today ( for some of us) when we had the chance to revisit the hospital for the day!The team was a lot more prepared this time to observe with ultimate passion various endoscopies and precisely some ‘key’ moments that had decided to focus as direction for their project. Some members of the team had been tasked to work on some desk research as the capacity of people in the hospital was limited. Looking forward to the tutorials tomorrow!

Key Insight

It was important to go back to the hospital and ask more specific questions to the stuff.




Monika Kantor


Final projects

Following feedback from Tuesday, we were asked to specify which concept we will be developing further. We discussed with our tutors the way we decided to work on our chosen concepts, and show what we have done so far. We talked about how we are planning to develop our idea, where are we at now and where we need to be for the next Friday's presentation. We were given timetable as well as instructions on how and in what way to present our concepts during next week presentation.

Key Insight

Discussing chosen concept with our tutors Brief plan for the Friday's presentation - how to present and in what way