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Western General




Sophia Klinck


Before Presenting

On Monday we focused on defining and communicating our concepts in preparation of sharing them to the NHS representatives the following day. As our group was mainly interested in reworking the patient Information booklet (colonoscopy with moviprep), this meant establishing the values of the NHS and speculating their tone when communicating to individuals outside of the establishment. This was crucial as we intended to embed these within the booklet’s language. To present our process for this exercise, we tried to imagine what the NHS as an establishment might be like if they were a person (e.g. beliefs, hobbies, age). We also considered having an interactive digitalised version of the booklet, giving the patient a choice in method of communication.

Key Insight

- Getting a better understanding of the NHS, and develop its personality.

- Finding friction points in the NHS communication system and develop better way of interacting with patients 





Carolina Valadas Duarte


Meeting with NHS

Today we had the opportunity to receive the members of the NHS again and show them the development of our work. It was very beneficial to have them, once they gave us very important feedback. It made us see our work from another perspective and new/different ways to approach it.

Key Insight

- Confronting NHS with our work development




Theodora M. Rosca


Design Concepts

Today, the group and I started to explore different variations of our final design concept. We began our making process through a brainstorm from which we quarrelled our concept's possibilities. Moreover, for a better understanding of the patient's journey, we did play the roles ourselves, by acting as patients, nurses and receptionists. By the end of the day, with better knowledge, we have had our design concept ready to tackle the opportunity and further develop the concept's features. Overall, the day was fascinating and fun for all of us.

Key Insight

- Analyse the final opportunity: emotions in spaces

- Exploring ideas & possibilities of how the design concept can look and fully function

- Gaining knowledge and being entertained