Week 5


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Com with Com Des

With a firm grasp on our research, we began to work on designing concepts for the booklet. We held a discussion with a masters tutor from Communication Design provided us with insights and things to consider when developing the layout for the booklet.




Lay(out) Your Hands On Me

Following yesterday's advice,  we experimented with reformatting two pages from the existing chemotherapy booklet. Using a variety of different fonts, sizes, line spacing, paper stocks, and page sizes, we produced quick prototypes page layouts to visualise how the material would appear within the booklet.



Liaison, with a Liaison

Today, we met with the Primary Care Liaison, who we scheduled to speak to last week. Our discussions provided insights into users, who struggle to understand the information given to them due to a disability. As we are determined to ensure our final concept can be easily understood by a range of different users, it was immensely valuable that we gained knowledge of the different techniques used within the field. 





We began to realise a step back from working on layouts and started to look more broadly at what the book could be. We did some desk research on different forms the booklet could take and put together a mood board on the wall that was made up of types of booklets and different aspects that we felt were worth considering for inclusion in our booklet. We then grouped these images into themes and ranked them in order of what we considered the most essential.



Wreck This Journey

Reflecting upon the mood board elements that we felt were most essential, we began sketching how these could be included within our concept. This involved gaining further inspiration and researching into types of booklets, including Keri Smith who produces some interesting journals that are extremely playful and fun.