Week 4 CAMHS

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Presentation Plan

At the start of the second week we started planning our presentation and trying different methods of presenting it. Tasks where devided between team members, with each of us focusing on a different area (e.g. drafting the blueprint, creating pictograms, outlining opportunities/insights, process update on blog, making infographic from the additional data). In order to have a concise outcome, we decided to establish a visual identity (colour palette, fonts, visual hierarchy).

TUE 23/10


Presentation Development

The rest of the week we developed and refined our user journey and stakeholders map, making sure that we didn’t overcomplicate our data, while not leaving any important information out of the presentation

On Wednesday we had a meeting with our tutor, who really helped us structure our presentation, and organize our thoughts. Our main goal was to make sure that the presentation is:

  • Understandable

  • Thorough

  • Highly Visual

  • Not over-complicated

WED 24/10


Concept Presentation

On Wednesday morning we had our second presentation with the NHS where we presented the concepts we had developed for rhe opportunities we had identified and selected to take forward.

We were also delighted to have the CAMHS representative be present this time, something very valueable for the progress of our project, since the feedback we received was very well directed, and gave us insight on were we needed to focus in order to successfully carry out this project. In addition some of the legal/ethical barriers were clarified, and therefore we became more informed on what was realistically possible and what not.




Presentation Done!

On Friday we presented our progress to the NHS. For more info reffer to the deliverables page.