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Stefano Svanera


The Last Touch

On Wednesday all the groups got together to talk and decide the structure and form of the final presentation. At this point it was vital for everyone to understand what everyone else was about to present, and how. This was also a very important moment to gain last minute feedback from each others. Understanding the language to use for the presentation and arranging the schedule of the groups was the major goal. At the same time many people from different groups were  working on physical  models in the workshop area, or printing examples of graphic design. 

Key Insight

- Understanding each others work.

- Finalising existing models and graphics.

- Arranging schedule for final presentation.





Emma Strain


Final Presentation

It is the final day, everyone turned up slightly sleep deprived and anticipating the presentations. The presentations ran rather smoothly with each group presenting their final designs back to the tutors and NHS staff. At this point it was important to be well prepared and rehearsed to be able to engage the audience and clearly illustrate what our design was about. After the presentations, the whole year group retired to the union to have a well-deserved lunch with a light refreshment and then we went on our Christmas break.

Key Insight

- Having the large space of the Reid building to present allowed us to maintain a professional presentation and engage with the audience more effectively.

- Valuable ways of connecting with the audience was by using videos to illustrate ideas and communicating in a calm manner to explain the thinking behind the design process.