Week 6


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Mood Wall

Using the inspiration mood wall created during week 5, began to experiment with how the existing content could appear if used in a similar way - editing/adapting existing content to create contrasts. This allowed for us to see how we could use existing methods that work, pulling them all together and putting them into practice using the content in the chemotherapy booklet.



Bangers and Mash-Up

We started the day with an Ideation method: mash up - combining a series of experiences and other elements to create odd yet interesting outcomes. This was carried onto ‘Elements of Chemotherapy booklet’ and combined with ‘Good Architecture’. Later in the day, we had discussions with the collaborators, we spoke of work in progress following the previous presentation. The discussion included what the final outcome of the project can be and what needs to be considered in order to achieve goals. The goal being changed to creating Modular information and a cohesive language within the NHS.





Much of today was dedicated to preparing for the Impact Day event in Ayr, which we were invited to present a short Pecha Kucha on human centred design. Feedback templates were also completed for the event, which will be utilised to record the topics discussed. 




Ayr (A)

Something different and refreshing today as we travelled to Ayrshire to partake in Impact Day, organised by our collaborators. This event gave us the opportunity to present human centred design to UWS, third sector and health care professionals.




A bright future

Today we used the PEST method to set ourselves a scope for the project, we decided this to be 10 years from now (2027). Using this method allows for us to see the potential drivers within Politics, Economy, Social and Technologic aspects. This allows for us to relate our work to these potential drivers and changes which the NHS may come across within 10 years.