Week 8


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Frame by Frame

Following an informal progress review with GSA, we discussed the creation of artefacts and timelines to be presented to our collaborators on Friday. These would be used to clearly demonstrate the unique value of our proposed concept solution and facilitate discussions during our penultimate presentation before creating our final deliverables. 



Lets do the Timeline Again... Again

Following yesterday’s discussion we moved forward with producing two timelines of the user’s journey from the discovery of cancer to remission and how communication plays a role within that journey. Demonstrating the current state of communication, showing the large amount of information that is given to the patient and how that can make some patients reject the idea of engaging with the material made available to them. The second timeline would be our proposal for information that is communicated not all at once, but in bitesize chunks delivered in collaboration with their healthcare professional to make the information easier to handle, more memorable and far more valuable.




Digital Timeline

After planning out the new timelines we spent most of today creating a digital version of them that would allow us to print the timelines in a large scale format and compare the ways different types of user interact with the healthcare journey. We decided to focus on two users for the timelines, both going through chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. One user is fully engaged with the process throughout and along with her husband tries to research and understand as much as possible. The second user find the support material intimidating and online forums, while sometimes comforting, can also be too much to deal with. Her husband is less supportive, but her mother, who has also had cancer, helps her through her treatment. Through these timelines, it is hoped to show the unique selling point of our concept proposal.




Print it

Looking towards tomorrow and the penultimate presentation as our final opportunity to discuss the direction the project is going in, we spent much of today putting together our artefacts for discussions tomorrow and refining our timelines and concept proposals.



Once More with Feeling

Our second presentation was a much more informal affair. We wanted to show where we were at and get feedback on the direction we were going in. Our feedback was very positive and the discussions gave us much to work on and work towards. This would be our last feedback session with the NHS, so it was important that they were happy, and following their positive response we were given the green light to continue.